Not knowing who I am is the reason for my happiness ...

Alberto José Varela.

Not knowing who I am is the reason for my happiness ...

Alberto José Varela.

Entrepreneur, writer, creator of techniques and methods, founder of several schools in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual fields, with a clear evolutionary message to the world. Researcher, self-taught student and international speaker, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR, he comes up with a completely transformative proposal.

Originality at the service of inner evolution, transcendence at the service of creativity

The starting point of his great impact and influence originated after completing an inducing stage in his process, which we could call a purge of society’s authoritarian and abusive structure, his imprisonment in 2008. Up to this moment, he had carried out an extraordinary creative campaign for more than 40 years, but his legacy and message to the world was yet to be born. Driven by restlessness and dedication to bring to light all that he felt was entrusted to emerge, he delved deeper into himself, withdrawing, confining himself, discovering the true essence of himself.

In 2010, he began to organize an important movement: The great blow of consciousness, comprising the founding of several companies and organizations: InnerMastery®, Ayahuasca Internacional® Conscious School®, Beinclub®, BeyondInner Global Movement, EntheosPlanet®, Open Space ® Ayahuasca Travels®, Network of Holistic Epicenters, In-Conscious Communities and InnerCoin®. He at the same time dedicated himself to creating various methods, techniques and approaches such as Inner Evolution®, Non-Therapy®, Game of Understanding®, Transcendent Healing®; Comprehensive Intelligence®, Triangular Music®, Song of the Soul, and finally to launch the Evolutionary Theory of Language that he had been developing in the last 3 decades.

Author of several books, an additional means to transmit his wisdom: From the Prison, from my freedom (MANDALA) Ayahuasca the inner journey (POINT OF VIEW); Aphorisms about oneself (MANDALA), and soon to be published: The Manifesto of Consciousness; Non-Therapy, and The Comprehension Game (in 9 volumes of 111 sentences each).

Alberto’s original and transgressive work is being transmitted as a living organism through his international conferences, his blog where we can find publications of hundreds of articles that had a reach of more than 10 million readers in record time, in addition to the Virtual Classroom of your Conscious School® where we can find conferences and talks that were given in more than 40 countries. However, the primary means of communication and transmission of his wisdom will always be each human being who decides to open up to his content.

Alberto’s current residence is in Madrid, together with his wife and daughter, where he organizes monthly meetings with international mentors through the Centro of Studies Evolución Interior.

Alberto's latest proposals.

Training program, for the support and accompaniment of people in the process of inner evolution. Of 9 modules of the Conscious School where we deepen in the season towards flourishing.

Satsang, encounters of spiritual intimacy;

Mentoring Tour, promotion of the most experienced students who have been trained with it;

– RIMOS, a process of 12 retreats of mystical initiation, self-discovery, flowering, and Ontology of the Being, began in September 2020 and will end in December 2021.

EMMMA, Monthly Mystic Encounters in Madrid, organized with their international mentors, an event focused on their inspiration and training.

Evolutionary Language Theory, a unique vision of the possibilities that open to the conscious use of language.

Alverto, the new and summarized name by which he calls himself, defines himself in few and confrontational words:

“I am not a name; I am neither a man, nor a father, businessman, writer, guru, or mentor. Be careful not to get distracted by my characters because I only use them to convey the essentials. If you can transcend what I say and show, you will find the mystery that lives in you. I use language, my self and everything I can to reach you and bring my discoveries closer to you “

It will not be necessary for me to die to write a biography of me, I want to write it myself in life.

In this AUTOBIOGRAPHY section I am going to share the most fun and confrontational texts, because I am going to talk about myself with a sense of humor and reflecting the view I have of things, but focusing on everything I have experienced.

One of the great themes that I have been writing for decades is about myself, because I have an infinite identity crisis, every time I start to write something about myself I temporarily go crazy because I don’t know which way to turn; for that reason I affirm:
My name is Alberto José Varela, but that is not who I am. It’s just a name nothing more.
I was born in Argentina but I am not Argentine.
I am male but not male.
I have 6 children but I am not a father.
I am part of many companies but I am not an entrepreneur.
I have created many things but I am not creative.
I am looking for ways out and solutions but I am not a seeker.
I love to write but I am not a writer.
I have thousands of followers but I am not a guru.
So what am I?
I feel that I am not a name, I am not my past, nor am I what they say about me; I am also not the separate parts of what I do, feel, think, or believe.
It is a mysterious challenge for me to be able to define what I am.
I have long since stopped searching for who I am, but I am still trying to discover who I am.
In the process, I come across many deep layers that give me clues of where I come from and where I am going, but they also give me clues as to why I am here and what I have to do. This conscious exploration within myself has created a look, a vision, a perception of reality that I want to share from this space.

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