The journey towards potentiality confronting what is not,
in a process of liberation
and flourishing

Alberto José Varela.

The journey towards potentiality confronting what is not, in a process of liberation and flourishing.

Alberto José Varela.

The courses to which you will have unlimited access from your personal area of the Alverto Academy once you complete your subscription are:

Evolutionary Theory of Language

A thorough understanding of the essence of this theory has the power to transform everything that is structured as language, that is, everything.

EMMMA Encuentro Místico Mensual Madrid

The Mystical Encounters are meetings that bring together people from all over the world in which issues of life and the human being are deepened with a focus that generates a spiritual connection.

RIMOS Retiros de Iniciación Mística y Ontología del Ser

The internal search of the human being begins with an inward look, which when considering himself a part of the whole does not understand its own existence disconnected from the origin; But this arduous journey of understanding can end in an encounter with the mystery that possesses him and that connects him with everything and everyone.

The Being is approached as a great ancient memory that keeps everything and that, through the harsh human experience, has the possibility of evolving through the permanent updating of the potentiality that emerges from the need to express and survive.
The originality of the concepts that are poured into these retreats come from the extraordinary connection that Alberto Varela has been able to establish with the source, stating: “My work is not mine, it is of the all, it comes from everything, therefore it is for everyone” he is currently in an amazing flowering process that is sharing each day with more dedication to the daring people who approach.

LIA Laboratory of Investigaction of Alverto

Do you want to see what is behind a masterful idea?

Alverto carries out a work of editing the unconscious through language, to deprogram the automatic commands that direct people’s lives and make them suffer.

Everything that is discussed in these workshops does not have any order or program, it is a brainstorming, which when processed from a state of openness to the new, enables us to create paths of access to the unknown, going beyond the mind and reason, skipping the boundaries of the rational or intellectual, to take a step into the mystery.

Once inside that amazing space, where the brain is freed from the influence of the conditioning of the mind, it makes itself available from purity to deliver new and revolutionary insights.

This workshop does not have a therapeutic character because there are no returns or integrations, but only a game of talking, writing, investigating meanings, exposing what happens to us, asking questions, but not to find answers but to enter into the nature of the questioner. . Participants who need to integrate what moves them in these workshops can count on the assistance of our Conscious School mentors and be attended virtually or in person as an option added to the workshop.

Conscious School

Every mentor can transform into light, awareness and love and interact with others to inspire and support their evolution.

The connection with the nucleus for the understanding of the mystery.

Formation in the format of an evolutionary process of the inner world of each human being, which opens the way towards understanding oneself and everything. Based on the creation of a solid and elevated structure that allows the assimilation of great existential truths applied to everyday life.

A deprogramming process that goes from initiation to flowering, from oneself to the other, from external to internal, from the first step of the search to the arrival of the mystery.

A mystical journey that begins at the moment in which the self-deception of the power of the mind dies, and the truth of the discovery of the Self arrives spontaneously.

Series documentary Sixth Power

Evolutionary Theory of Language and Documentary the Sixth Power

If we have been programmed with language, with the language we can deprogram ourselves. The SIXTH POWER belongs to the human being who wants to regain freedom as an individual.

The five known powers are not real powers but forces that drag, defend and attack. Beyond the three political powers, that of the media and the internet, it is waiting for the awakening of the power of the individual.

But until now, THE LANGUAGE has not been approached as a source of individual power that has the ability to transform everything from an awakened consciousness.
Super online event to see exclusively the premiere of the documentary EVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF LANGUAGE.

What is the relationship between intelligence, language and consciousness?
Are words creating everything without us noticing?
Is it possible to access the roots of the language where destiny is determined?

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