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What is Alverto Academy?

The Alverto Academy is the Center for Inner Evolution Studies where you can access the didactic content created by Alberto Varela in recent years in the different types of events and conferences he has held and through the books and articles he has written.

Alberto has dedicated his entire life to sharing the fruit of his love for language and today it is reflected in this campus that collects all of his work; an entheogenic dance danced by a man surrendered to his potential.

During your inner evolution process, you will have an assigned personal mentor who will accompany you to support you in understanding the issues addressed.

Content designed for people like you, looking to connect with their life purpose

We put at your disposal all the contents developed in the different platforms that Alberto has created to date with audiovisual material:

Serie di Documentari Sesto Potere

If we have been programmed with language, with language we can deprogram ourselves. The Sixth Power belongs to the human being who wants to regain freedom.

Evolutionary Theory of Language

A thorough understanding of the essence of this theory has the power to transform everything that is structured as language, that is, everything.

EMMMA Monthly Mystical Encounter Madrid

Meetings that bring together people from all over the world in which it deepens on issues of life and the human being with an approach that generates a spiritual connection

RIMOS Retreats of Mystical Initiation

The internal search of the human being begins with an inward look, without judgment or prejudice and with the curiosity of a child.


A deprogramming process from initiation to flowering, from external to internal.

LIA Alverto's Laboratory of Investigation

Amazing space, where the brain is freed from the influence of the conditioning of the mind

The Sixth Power is the pure and internal power of the human being, which, through the conscious use of language, allows him to investigate the individual depth, where everything lives.

  • What is the relationship between intelligence, language and consciousness?
  • Are words creating everything without us noticing?
  • Are words creating everything without us noticing?
  • Is it possible to access the roots of the language where destiny is determined?

The five known powers are not real powers but forces that drag, defend and attack. Beyond the three political powers, that of the media and the internet, it is waiting for the awakening of the power of the individual.

If we have been programmed with language, with language we can deprogram ourselves.
The Sixth Power belongs to the human being who wants to regain freedom as an individual.

How will the courses help you?

Wherever you are, and from any device you can choose what content you want to enjoy.

The Alverto academy courses will help you heal, find your essence, enter an internal space of power from where you can face life.

They will facilitate the connection with your divinity to access the authentic treasure that is within you, where your answers live.

Pay a single subscription and access all the content

Pay € 15 per month (a couple of pizzas) and access all the courses you want except those on the Evolutionary Theory of Language. We make access to courses cheaper because we are an organization that promotes happiness and inner peace in humanity and we think that the best way to achieve this is by making access more affordable for all those who may need our teachings.

Connect with people who are in tune with you

Participate in our inner evolution retreats and connect with a network of people who are in the same process of change as you, share with them your progress, concerns and feelings.

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